Brand Exploration

Brand Exploration

Understanding how the customer understands you.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what people think about your business? Customer or not, everyone has opinions and feelings when they interact with your brand. When companies can better understand those beliefs and perspectives, they can redirect brand strategy, which will allow for better marketing and thus, leads to increased brand loyalty and boosted sales.

The Approach.

At NODAY, we are the authority on brands. Some would say we are obsessed. We don't just find out what customers are thinking and feeling, we use psychology metrics and statistical tests to create real, applicable strategies. We first define the companies brand identity; how the company thinks their customers see them. Then, we determine the brand image; how customers actually perceive the brand. Once we establish these two principles and their differences, we begin to dig deeper. Who is saying what? Why are they saying it? Is it affecting sales and usage? These will help us establish changes that should be made to the brand strategy for the future.

The Outcome.

Our brand studies have helped companies with their "makeup" by aligning their goals, aesthetic, and ideals with the customer's perceptions. Marketing will become more efficient and effective, which will lead to higher sales and a brand loyalty that can't be pierced by the sharpest sword.