Concept Evaluation

Concept Evaluation

Stop following. Start leading.

Too often businesses are caught playing catch up. When you are constantly chasing, you can never truly gain competitive advantage and will always be behind. Time for some research! Let's get together and figure out what needs to be done to get ahead of the competition.

The Approach.

Once we are on the case for a company, we grab our coffee and doughnuts, and prepare for a full on industry stakeout. We follow product trends, prices, social media and marketing campaigns, and news articles out the wazoo. We use our sage research methods and panels to evaluate new concepts, feelings, attitudes, and ideas with both current customers and general markets. We cross-reference what we find with syndicated industry data. The name of the game here is "agile". We are always on the move, dynamically following what's going on with your business and its market to help provide the advantage.

The Outcome.

From our studies, we are able to answer important questions that can help introduce new products, become trendsetters, and really make a footprint on the industry. We have helped clients create and maintain cutting edge competitive advantages that have lead to boosted sales, loyalty, and a new role in the market: Pioneers.